Use software and other tools appropriate to the task.



Class EDTEC 561, Advanced Web-Based Multimedia Development
Instructor Dr. Bob Hoffman
Project Educational Video Workshop
Artifact “Getting Offensive: Comparing Football Offenses” Educational Video


Snapshot of Title Screen for'Getting Offensive: Comparing Football Offenses'

In EDTEC 561, Advanced Web-Based Multimedia Development, I was expected to create an educational video. I decided to use this opportunity to prove that 3D animation could be used to create a fun learning experience. After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea to have two 3D animated broadcasters visually explain two types of football offenses: the “West Coast offense” and the “Vertical Offense." By simulating a real broadcast booth in a way that would entertain the audience and appeal to them aesthetically, I hoped to increase learner engagement and motivate learners to watch my educational video.

Connection to the Standard

This artifact demonstrated my technical ability to use the following tools:

  • 3D Studio Max: I created a football stadium to be used as the main background in the video. To represent players, I created football helmets and animated them on the 3D football field to simulate the offenses.
  • Adobe Photoshop: I used this tool to design graphics (e.g. a “MAX Sports” network logo) and edit other images as needed.
  • Adobe Soundbooth and Audacity: I used both applications to edit my voice-over audio for the two broadcaster characters in order to make their two voices distinctly different.
  • Second Life and Reallusion CrazyTalk: Based on tips from a tutorial I found on YouTube, I created the two broadcaster avatars in Second Life and used CrazyTalk to deliver their dialogue. CrazyTalk enabled me to get the avatars to lip-sync to the audio and change their expressions. It also enabled me to export the video of their conversation on a green screen background for compositing.
  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere: I used the compositing capability of After Effects to replace the green screen background from CrazyTalk with the football stadium image, so the broadcasters appeared to have the football stadium behind them. I used Premiere to put the scenes together in sequence, cut some unnecessary footage to keep the video short, and export the video as a Flash video.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: I used it to embed the Flash video on a web page.

Challenges & Learning Lessons

The main obstacle I faced with this project was finding a way to animate arrows across a 3D football field in order to visually demonstrate a football play. I first attempted to do it myself in 3D Studio Max, but could not get it to work. With the project deadline approaching, I decided I needed to find a tutorial that showed me how to do it. Fortunately, I found a tutorial demonstrating how Adobe After Effects was used to create this effect for iPod commercials. My main take away from this experience is that solutions for many technical challenges can often be found readily available on the Internet.

What It Showcased About Me

Because I have a BA in Media, Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix, I already had a significant level of expertise with various 3D animation and media development tools. Through this project, I successfully bridged my 3D animation skills with my instructional design to skills to design, develop and deliver engaging instruction. Furthermore, I demonstrated the ability to integrate the various features of eight different software tools and Second Life to build an educational video and embed it on a web page. I found it personally and professionally gratifying to successfully demonstrate I could use each of these tools in the field of educational technology.

Future Application

Creating this video provided confirmation to me that I can use 3D animation to deliver instruction. Furthermore, it demonstrated that as long as I simulate reality in a way that entertains the audience and appeals to them aesthetically, 3D animation is a tool I can use to create a fun learning experience for learners.