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This website shares my reflections on what I love about educational technology. It also showcases samples of my work from the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (EDTEC) program at San Diego State University.

Personal Introduction

This MA degree was a critical step toward a much needed career change. When I graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2001 with a BA in Media, Art & Animation, I had wanted to become a game artist. For financial and family reasons, I decided to put aside this dream and stay with American Express to pursue a career leading control & compliance programs.


In 2007, a reorganization changed my leadership position at American Express to a tactical role. In an attempt to regain a leadership role, I applied for director positions, but was unable to get one. As a result of this set back, I felt like six years of my life had been wasted. I did not know where I was going with my career in control & compliance. I felt lost.


I decided to find a new direction for my career. I looked back at my past roles for inspiration and experienced an epiphany. I realized I had been the most inspired when my control & compliance projects required me to design and deliver training. I knew at that moment my career should focus on training and development. I also realized I still wanted to find some way to leverage the game artist skills I had gained from the Art Institute. As a result, I set out to find an online Masters degree program that would merge together my passion for training, digital media, and games.


During my online search, I stumbled on SDSU's EDTEC 670, Exploratory Learning through Simulation and Games course. After reading the course description and reading further about SDSU's online EDTEC Master's degree program, I was hooked! I knew instantly I had found a degree program offering the best fit for someone with my corporate training background and game artist skills.


This career decision was one of the best I have made so far. Since starting the EDTEC degree program, my training & development career at American Express has taken off. I am now sought out to lead the design and development of e-Learning courses and other training programs.


Now I know exactly where I want to go with my EDTEC career. After laying the groundwork of my training career at American Express, I hope to someday work for a company that creates e-Games. Once I have gained enough experience, my ultimate goal is to own my own e-Game and e-Learning business.

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