Communicate clearly to achieve professional goals using visual and verbal modes to explain and persuade.



Class EDTEC 671, Learning Environments
Instructor Dr. Bob Hoffman
Project Develop and present a proposal for an informal learning exhibit
Artifact “Nuclear War: Destroyer of Worlds” Informal Learning Exhibit Proposal


Snapshot of Informal Learning Exhibit Poposal Presentation

I developed and presented a proposal for an informal learning exhibit in Second Life (SL) that would promote awareness of the threat of nuclear war. I was motivated to focus on this topic because my daughter (age 9) had become afraid of them after discovering their existence from a nuclear explosion scene in the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie.

Connection to the Standard

This project demonstrated the communication standard in the following ways.

  • I prepared a Learning Opportunities Grant (LOG) Evaluation Logic Model Worksheet that would be used to request a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to fund the proposed exhibit. The worksheet required me to apply an outcomes-based evaluation model preferred by the IMLS to clearly articulate audience-driven, measurable outcomes for my proposed exhibit.
  • I designed and described the objects and detailed specifications of the learning activities within the exhibit that would be used to persuade and motivate visitors to support and push for the reduction and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons. This included describing the layout of the island in SL and its seven learning centers.
  • I highlighted the ways interpretive technologies in SL would verbally and visually make information available to visitors through live docents, interactive maps, games, video displays, and kiosks linked to interactive websites.
  • I delivered an online presentation in Captivate to verbally and visually "sell" my idea for the exhibit. To get the audience’s attention, it begins with a video that asks a series of thought-provoking questions about nuclear war while displaying a montage of nuclear detonation scenes from various films. It then outlines the need for the exhibit and how it would accomplish the intended outcomes.

Challenges & Learning Lessons

One challenge was my unfamiliarity with SL and how it could support informal learning. I overcame this challenge by exploring SL to find islands that already had informal learning exhibits. These exhibits gave me lots of ideas for the design of my exhibit. For example, an interactive tsunami users could experience on the NOAA island in SL gave me the idea for adding an interactive nuclear explosion for users to experience on my proposed island in SL.

What It Showcased About Me

This work showcased my ability to:

  • Develop a proposal and create an online presentation,
  • Increase awareness and persuade behavior change through informal learning, and
  • Use SL as a medium for delivering informal learning.

Future Application

I realized the value of using an outcome-based evaluation model to identify audience-driven, measurable outcomes when I need to persuade others to support the implementation of a new learning program. By identifying these outcomes upfront, I will be better positioned to communicate the benefits and impact of the program to my audience.